How to Fix Common Jpeg Corruption Error

Jpeg is the common image format used in the digital camera and the mobile phones for capturing images. The images are saved in the memory card and later you can transfer it to other system for further editing and sharing. Sometimes you may encounter a situation when you try to open a jpeg image and the system fails to open it also give an error message. The possible reason is that the images has been corrupted and you will not be able to access it until it is fixed but the question is how to fix common jpeg corruption error. This is quite disaster for you as all you favorite moments are lost. There are various reasons for jpeg image corruption and all can be fixed if you read given information carefully. Whenever there is a corruption error you will get error messages some of them are.


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Jpeg File Corruption Error Message

Corruption in Header file

Fail to read the jpeg header

Unknown jpeg error

Unknown file type

Invalid jpeg file etc.

The reason for the corruption can be that there was some interruption while capturing or transferring the image. May be the storage media where the images are stored has been corrupted, virus infection can also corrupt your jpeg file. When the file has been corrupted you should look for the backup copy of the files. You can search any other storage media, even on the internet if you have uploaded them. If the backup is not found anywhere then you can recover them by using jpeg recovery software. It is quite effective and can fix any type of corruption that can be fixed by using it. You just have to scan the storage drive for the corrupted jpeg files and then select the images you want to recover from the preview window. The software will then fix the the corruption issue and then the JPEG images will be ready for access.

User Guide for Jpeg Image Recovery Software

Step 1 : Install the software and then select the mode of recovery.


Step 2 : Select the drive for scanning of corrupted jpeg image.


Step 3 : Select the file jpeg file format and start recovery.


Step 4 : select the images you require from the scan results for fixing and then restore them. img13


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